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bridge's paper cloud installation empowers architects and designers from san antonio

the ethereal ‘paper cloud’ is installed to illuminate AIA san antonio’s annual beaux arts ball, and designed by bridge projects, a collaboration between stuart allen and cade bradshaw. members of the local architecture and design community are invited to participate and coached through the subtleties of assembling a paper cloud. the installation process involves stapling bond paper around a wire frame and a led light source.

paper cloud’ is an installation of bond paper clouds sculpted around a wire frame and LED light source

texan based bridge projects‘ ‘paper cloud’ project has logged over 800 hours from 70+ participants and consists of 1,200 feet of led tape, 25,000 staples, and 1252 electrical connections. each cloud is created by the local architecture and design community over the course of eight public workshops. assembled en masse, the final sculpture is greater than the sum of its parts.

the project is located inside what was once a newspaper factory

bridge projects’ mission is to empower the creativity of others by offering unique making opportunities to businesses, individuals, and the community.

guests and visitors can walk through the ‘paper cloud’

the form rises up from the ground level

and masses underneath a drop ceiling before floating out into a secondary space

design parameters asked participants to inspect each cloud for openings and exposed staples

each cloud is created by local members of the architecture and design community over the course of 8 workshops

each cloud is unique, showcasing the aesthetic of individual designers

participants proudly display their handwork at the end of a workshop

preparing for the installation, each cloud was sorted by size and cord length

the beaux arts ball 2017 takes place under the installation’s magical light

edited by: apostolos costarangos | designboom

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